So I’m not like, back with the requests but I’m gonna draw some because I’m bored so feel free to send me a message. 

So alot of people are asking me why I’m not doing requests anymore or if I stopped, NO I didn’t stop with the requests! Lately I’m not in a good mood to do requests(don’t ask me why, because I don’t know) and I’m just waiting till I feel more confident to do it, it could be tomorrow(please!), next week or next month(NO!) I don’t have the intention to stop with the requests, far from this. So I just ask you guys to wait, when I feel better to do it I will(soon, I hope!)

Yeah, yeah… 

Just got Prototype 2 it’s AWESOME! I am so lumpin addicted to it that I played all day!

P.S. Don’t worry guys i’ll take a break to do the requests, ok? Hahaha

Hey , so, i’m lumpin busy but i’ll draw you guys as soon as I can, so….. patience, patience, patience please.

Thanks. :)

wow, i’ve got a lot of requests, please have patience guys!

Thanks (: